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Siam View Hotel - Your Hotel in Arugam Bay Sri Lanka

As close to Thailand as you can get on Sri Lanka

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“Good Vibrations”

SVH Beach Bar

SVH Beach Bar ended 2011. Gov. CCD did not allow his temp. structure

The SVH Beach Bar is no more.
Sri Lanka’s Min. of Defense CCD department did not like our approach to provide entertainment for foreign visitors on the beach front.
It was demolished end 2011. And now the beach front looks like this, below.
We have given up any further improvements  for the time being.

Demolished by Defense Ministry CCD dept.

The Siam View Beach Bar

  1. Direct on the sea front
  2. Thai style and ambiance
  3. Facing Surf Point
  4. Location of the original AbaY Full Moon Party
  5. Rebuilt 2005 with salvaged and reclaimed natural materials
  6. The next piece of land, 2,000km across the open ocean is Thailand
  7. Therefore: We are as close as you can get to the old Siam on Sri Lanka

Happy times!
We had. In the past. But NO MORE!
We estimate this old wooden Bar made more than 10,000 visitors happy with the facilities we provided. During the years right after the 2004 Tsunami up to end 2011.
Foreign press coverage and many blogs show that the Surf comp. finals, the football world cup, and many mellow parties all centered around this Arugam Bay landmark.
We believe this is what visitors come to a tropical island for.
Now we are disillusioned, and will no more invest into any new structures.
Due to Government rules.

๑ Siam View Project 2011